The CoIn­vest Group can point to an over­whelm­ingly pos­it­ive track re­cord as re­gards its busi­ness activ­it­ies over a peri­od of more than 30 years. This track re­cord is test­a­ment to both our cap­ab­il­ity and our in­nov­at­ive, ad­ded-value con­cepts and ser­vices!

Cor­por­ate Fin­ance

  • Fin­an­cing solu­tions for growth and pro­jects
  • Off-bal­ance solu­tions for com­pan­ies
  • Struc­tured for­fait­ing solu­tions
  • Ne­go­ti­at­ing equity and debt for hcom­pan­ies
  • Su­per­vi­sion of M&A pro­cesses
  • In­tel­li­gent lever­age of hid­den re­serves
  • Ad­ded value from equity con­sol­id­a­tion

Pre­vi­ous trans­ac­tions:

    • Struc­tur­ing of ap­prox. 100 off-bal­ance trans­ac­tions worth more than €500 m. (volume per trans­ac­tion: €1 m. to €30 m.)

Struc­tured Fin­ance

  • Con­cep­tion of SPV struc­tures and struc­tured fin­an­cing
  • Con­cep­tion & pro­spect­us draft­ing for banks and is­su­ing houses
  • Struc­tur­ing of in­di­vidu­al trans­ac­tions and private place­ments
  • On­go­ing su­per­vi­sion of fund struc­tures tak­ing in­to ac­count the re­spect­ive cur­rent frame­work con­di­tions from in­vest­ment to re­turn

Pre­vi­ous trans­ac­tions:

    • Struc­tur­ing, co­ordin­a­tion and im­ple­ment­a­tion of a mer­ger of five closed funds in­to one stock cor­por­a­tion with 4,800 in­vestors
    • Struc­tured fin­an­cing of a re­new­able pro­ject worth €1.4 bn.
    • Struc­tur­ing of a fund (wood-fired power plants) worth €63 m.


  • Com­mod­ity in­vest­ments
  • In­di­vidu­al cer­ti­fic­ate and se­cur­it­ies solu­tions
  • Su­per­vi­sion and hand­ling of trans­ac­tions with­in the frame­work of an
  • in­di­vidu­al as­set man­age­ment ac­count

Pre­vi­ous trans­ac­tions:

    • Struc­tured in­vest­ments in com­mod­it­ies with de­riv­at­ive concept worth more than €1 bn.
    • Su­per­vi­sion of do­mest­ic and for­eign re­new­able investments/financing worth up to €1.4 bn.
    • Spe­cial fund with sol­ar park worth €300 m.
    • SME fin­an­cing fund us­ing com­plex equity fin­an­cing with tax com­pon­ents worth ap­prox. €200 m.
    • In­vest­ment in lever­aged cer­ti­fic­ate struc­tures worth €200 m.

Real Es­tate

  • Su­per­vi­sion of pro­ject de­vel­op­ments
  • Ne­go­ti­ation of equity and debt for in­dus­tri­al and res­id­en­tial real es­tate pro­jects
  • Sec­tion 6b Re­in­vest­ment
  • Fin­ance struc­tur­ing
  • Fin­an­cing con­cepts and con­sultancy

Pre­vi­ous trans­ac­tions:

    • Su­per­vi­sion of do­mest­ic and for­eign real es­tate in­vest­ments worth ap­prox. €3 bn. (in­di­vidu­al sec­tions: €10 m. to €150 m.)