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CoIn­vest Cor­po­rate Finance GmbH
Bräuhausstraße 4 b
82152 Planegg
Tele­fon: +49 (0)89 899 488–60
Tele­fax: +49 (0)89 899 488 699
info [at] coin­vest-finance [dot] de

Man­aging Dir­ect­or
Dr. Marc Hen­ning Diek­mann

Amts­gericht München
HRB: München 82369
USt-IdNr.: DE129328358

Per­mis­sion after § 34c Ge­wO, Auf­sichts­be­hörde: Stadt München (Ord­nung­samt), Post­fach 950260, 81518 München, kre­is­ver­wal­tung­s­refer­at [at] muenchen [dot] de; Phone: +49–89–6221–0

Per­mis­sion after § 34f Abs. 1 Ge­wO, Auf­sichts­be­hörde: In­­dus­trie- und Han­del­skam­mer für München und Oberbay­ern, Max-Joseph-Straße 2, 80333 München, www.ihk-muenchen.de

Ver­mit­tler­re­gister: Re­gis­tri­er­ungs-Nr.: D‑F‑155-TTQ4-52
Oc­cu­pa­tion: Fin­an­zan­la­gen­ver­mit­tler nach § 34f Abs. 1 Gew­erbe­ord­nung; Bundes­rep­ub­lik Deutsch­land

Com­pet­ent Pro­fes­sion­al As­so­ci­ation: In­­dus­trie- und Han­del­skam­mer für München und Oberbay­ern, Max-Joseph-Straße 2, 80333 München, www.ihk-muenchen.de

Pro­fes­sion­al Reg­u­la­tions: § 34f Gew­erbe­ord­nung (Ge­wO); Ver­or­d­nung über die Fin­an­zan­la­gen­ver­mittlung (Fin­Ver­mV)
Pro­fes­sion­al Reg­u­la­tions can be viewed and re­trieved through www.gesetze-im-internet.de man­aged and hos­ted by Min­istry of Jus­tice and jur­is GmbH.

Re­spons­ible for con­tent ac­cord­ing to § 55 II RStV
Dr. Marc Hen­ning Diek­mann

Over­all con­cep­tion and real­iz­a­tion
mp mar­ket­ing & pro­mo­tion GmbH
An­dreas Hof­mann (MBA)
Bräuhausstraße 4 b
82152 Planegg
info [at] mp-mar­ket­ing [dot] com

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1. Con­tent of the online offer
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2. Ref­er­ences and links
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3. Copy­right and Trade­markt Law
COINVEST endeav­ors to observe the copy­rights of the graph­ics, sound doc­u­ments, video sequences and texts used in all pub­li­ca­tions, to use graph­ics, sound doc­u­ments, video sequences and texts cre­at­ed by itself or to use license-free graph­ics, sound doc­u­ments, video sequences and texts. All brands and trade­marks men­tioned on the web­site and pos­si­bly pro­tect­ed by third par­ties are sub­ject with­out restric­tion to the pro­vi­sions of the applic­a­ble trade­mark law and the own­er­ship rights of the respec­tive reg­is­tered own­er. The mere men­tion does not mean that trade­marks are not pro­tect­ed by the rights of third par­ties! The copy­right for pub­lished objects cre­at­ed by COINVEST remains sole­ly with COINVEST and thus with the author of the pages. Dupli­ca­tion or use of such graph­ics, sound doc­u­ments, video sequences and texts in oth­er elec­tron­ic or print­ed pub­li­ca­tions is not per­mit­ted with­out the express con­sent of COINVEST.

4. Legal valid­i­ty of this dis­claimer
This dis­claimer is to be regard­ed as part of the inter­net pub­li­ca­tion which you were referred from. If parts or indi­vid­ual for­mu­la­tions of this text should not, no longer or not com­plete­ly cor­re­spond to the applic­a­ble legal sit­u­a­tion, the remain­ing parts of the doc­u­ment remain unaf­fect­ed in their con­tent and valid­i­ty