We have a di­ver­si­fied cus­tom­er base with dif­fer­ent re­quire­ment pro­files, which we in­di­vidu­ally trans­late in­to cor­por­ate fin­ance. Ac­cord­ingly, the ser­vices offered by CoIn­vest Cor­por­ate Fin­ance are aimed at en­tre­pren­eurs and com­pan­ies look­ing for pro­fes­sion­al sup­port in the field of fin­ance.

We are happy to place our ex­tens­ive ex­per­i­ence in the area of debt cap­it­al and our net­work of po­ten­tial in­vestors at the dis­pos­al of young com­pan­ies.


Many years of ex­per­i­ence in the field of cor­por­ate fin­ance, an ex­tens­ive net­work and de­tailed ex­pert­ise lead to tail­or-made cor­por­ate fin­an­cing. Pro­ject fin­an­cing, R&D fin­an­cing, IP fin­an­cing and fin­an­cing of work­ing cap­it­al are the core of CoInvest’s ex­pert­ise.

Struc­tured IP pro­ject com­pan­ies or as­set-hold­ing com­pan­ies with the be­ne­fits of our Lux­em­bour­ger loc­a­tion may be prof­it­able al­tern­at­ives for busi­nesses.


CoIn­vest is act­ive in design­ing, struc­tur­ing and pro­spect­ing for banks and their sub­si­di­ar­ies, both with re­spect to fin­an­cing and in­vest­ments.

In ad­di­tion to our com­pet­ency pro­file, we spe­cial­ize in com­plex, highly in­di­vidu­al­ized pro­jects, for ex­ample a struc­tured fin­ance de­part­ment or an ideal design range. CoIn­vest has es­tab­lished it­self as a re­li­able part­ner in the bank­ing sec­tor and en­joys an ex­cel­lent repu­ta­tion.

As­set Man­agers

For as­set man­agers and fam­ily of­fices, CoIn­vest is a spe­cial­ized part­ner who per­fectly com­ple­ments their activ­ity pro­file. Long-stand­ing know­ledge of re­quire­ment pro­files makes CoIn­vest a part­ner with real ad­ded value.

CoIn­vest struc­tures fin­an­cing for as­set man­agers and fam­ily of­fices with a fo­cus on al­tern­at­ive as­sets, but KWG tasks can also be solved by in­tel­li­gent solu­tions such as se­cur­it­iz­a­tion.

Privat In­vestors

Wealthy in­di­vidu­als or en­tre­pren­eurs are en­titled to tail­or-made solu­tions in their in­vest­ments. CoIn­vest is a spe­cial­ist in in­di­vidu­al in­vest­ments and struc­tured in­vest­ments, and aims to provide spe­cial solu­tions.

Fund struc­tures, um­brella in­vest­ments, SPV struc­tures and se­cur­it­iz­a­tion are some of the al­tern­at­ives that CoIn­vest can of­fer its cus­tom­ers in or­der to op­tim­ally achieve in­vest­ment ob­ject­ives.